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Perfect for a gift or a subscription trial. Choose from our selection of 3, 6 & 12 months prepaid subscriptions for all our existing kits.

A side view of a blue Stitch Kit subscription kit that can be used for crafts

Our Subscriptions

Every month you'll receive a 'Stitch Kit' containing all the materials and simple step-by-step photographic instructions you need to produce beautiful homemade items.

With six crafts to choose from each month; knitting, crochet, amigurumi, macrame, embroidery / cross stitch and sewing / patchwork.

You can either choose one discipline to repeat each month or why not go for a mixed subscription where you can sample a different discipline from your chosen selection of crafts each month.

At Stitch Kit, we celebrate your uniqueness by curating each box with hand-picked items tailored to your tastes and crafting needs. We send a detailed questionnaire to new customers to understand their preferences, skill level, and crafting goals. By personalising each experience, we ensure every item resonates with your individual style. Our aim is to deliver a fulfilling crafting experience with every Stitch Kit delivery.

Whichever way you choose to go, our flexible subscriptions are sure to match your needs. You can cancel, swap boxes or skip a month at anytime.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, we would be thrilled if you would join our stitching community. We love to see what people have made so please send us photos of your creations via our social media pages

Someone knitting with needles and blue wool
Pair of hands with knitting needles and red wool
Using a sewing machine on pink and white material
A teddy bear with a hat and clothes, made by amigurumi
Someone doing cross stitch and embroidery
Pair of hands knotting white strings, macrame technique.

What is a Stitch Kit subscription and how does it work?


Stitch Kit offers monthly subscriptions as well as one-time purchases.When you sign up to our subscription boxes you have a choice of whether you wish to receive the same discipline of stitch box each month or whether you would prefer a mixed subscription box.If you choose to receive the same discipline each month you can swap at anytime as long as we receive your request 7 days before your next box is due.

Which kind of subscription boxes do you offer?


We currently offer six types/disciplines of subscription boxes:

Embroidery & Cross Stitch
Sewing and Patchwork

When will my subscription payment be taken and when will my box be delivered?


You will be charged on the day you sign up and your box should be with you a few days later. All subsequent payments will be taken on the same day of the following month and again the box will be dispatched a few days later. If you would like to change the date of your direct debit or delivery you can do so by emailing us at least 7 days before your payment is due.

What is the advantage of a subscription box over a one-time purchase?


Subscription boxes are priced at a lower cost to the one-off boxes on the website. They also contain extra Stitch Kit goodies that can only be found within our subscription boxes.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?


Yes, you can. Just log into your account and click on cancel, or just drop us an email here and we will take care of it. We need 7 days notice to cancel your subscription

How do I know which box I will be getting each month?


Boxes will be based on the choices you made when you signed up or when you last swapped a discipline. The box you receive will usually be a surprise and will not be the same as any box you have received previously. If you wish to choose a specific box, you may do this at any time, up to 7 days before your box is due. If there is a specific box you would like, please message us as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If stocks run low on a particular box, you will be first in-line when back in stock.

Are the boxes suitable for a beginner?


Yes, most of the boxes will be suitable for a beginner or for someone with intermediate skills. You can find some useful video instruction on some of the relevant techniques by following this link.

What happens when I refer a friend to Stitch Kit?


When you refer a friend by sending them a link to our website they can receive 15% off their first subscription order and you can receive 15% off your next box too. You can find the “Refer a friend” link on our home page.

Are our subscription boxes available to purchase as a gift?


Yes definitely. Our subscription boxes are available as gifts for your family and friends. The email address you provide at checkout will receive an automatic confirmation message, so it’s advisable to put your own email in this box and not the recipient’s.

Please enter the recipients address on checkout and fill out their details in your subscription survey. You can write a personalised message to be included in the first box when you fill out your subscription survey.

Is my box trackable?


When your box is despatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from Stitch Kit with a tracking link.

Do I pay P&P in addition to my subscription box?


No, all P&P is included in the price of all subscription boxes.

Can I skip a subscription month?


Yes, with 7 days notice of your payment date you can skip a month, but please note your free box is only available after 11 consecutive months so if you skip prior to your 11th box your consecutive month qualification will restart.

What should I do if my box has anything missing or broken?


If your box has anything missing or broken or if your box doesn’t appear when expected, please email us as soon as possible and we will investigate and get back to you within 3 days.

Is it possible for me to return a box?


You can return your box if it is unused and undamaged and fully intact. If you need to return your box, please email us for postage address information. We will then refund your box upon receipt or replace it with another box of your choice.

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