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The ultimate guide to cross-stitching

Do you fancy tackling a new hobby? You should consider starting cross-stitching or sharpening up your skills and techniques. Our creative experts like to see as many people as possible spark their creative flair and try something new.

Cross-stitching allows you to create something that can show your hard work and skills, you can use your first item as a starting point and see how you develop over time. Taking time to learn new skills can be both invigorating and relaxing, making it a perfect thing to do in your spare time.

In the beginning, cross-stitch can seem complex but once you learn the basics of the craft, it becomes more natural and understandable to most people. At Stitch kit, we have cross-stitch kits that are tailored to suit your level of ability. We have all started as a newbie and understand the frustrations, hurdles and enjoyments that you may face, so we put that into a kit that has everything you need.

Now, if you are a slightly more advanced cross-stitcher then we have cross-stitch subscription boxes to suit you too, which again are comprised of everything that you need. You can choose the cross-stitch box that you like the look of and either have this as a once-off or on a more regular basis.

What supplies do you need to cross-stitch?

• Scissors

• Embroidery hoop

• Fabric

• Needles

• Threads

• Patterns

If you are simply looking to follow an already made pattern and avoid rummaging for materials, a cross-stitch kit is a brilliant idea for you to consider.

Tips for starting cross-stitch

• Take your time: Be prepared for things to go wrong or take longer than you anticipated. If you are just starting out or haven’t done cross-stitch in a while, you may be rusty and won’t be perfect straight away. This is completely normal, you just need to take time to work your way up and become more confident.

• Start in the centre of your fabric: This handy little trick might seem odd at first but trust me, it can be so useful. Starting in the middle can help your craft to be more centred and give you a good scope of your spacing both left and right.

• Work in a well-lit space: Cross-stitch requires a great deal of concentration and focus so it is a good idea to work in an environment that has sufficient lighting. Prevent the strain on your eyes and any little mistakes being made due to dim lighting.

• Be proud: It can be easy for us to critique rather than complement ourselves when completing a creative project. You should take note of the things you did well and what you could improve on next time. Don’t be so quick to be negative and appreciate what you have just made!

Youtube is a great platform that can teach you everything that you need to know about anything. This is particularly brilliant for anyone that learns in a visual way as you can slow down, pause and rewind a video and watch someone's techniques.

Benefits of cross-stitch

• Stress-relieving & calming

• Good activity for the mind

• Versatile craft

• Great for making homemade gifts

• Suits all ages  

Our cross-stitch kits

As mentioned above, our cross-stitch kits are great for beginners or those who are slightly more advanced in the craft. If you would like something more regular, you can opt for a monthly cross-stitch subscription box that can get delivered straight to your door. At Stitch kit, we have a variety of crafting kits, knitting, macrame, sewing and many others for you to try.

If you would like to speak to our creative experts, please get in touch with us by completing our contact form.

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